Battlefield 2042 news

Battlefield 2042 news

New map, new operator and more

This season’s new map is called Stranded. You’ll fight around and inside a container ship, stranded on the Panama coast. The ship also happens to be housing an illegal arms trading centre, which is nice

This season’s new Operator is one Charlie Crawford. He’s a charismatic fellow, and can resupply his squadmates with extra ammo thanks to his Cache Point ability.


Offensively, he also has a Mounted Vulcan Stationary Minigun, which is super effective against infantry and light vehicles.

If that wasn’t enough, the season will also bring a new AM40 assault rifle/SMG combo, the Avancys LMG and the PF51 for crowd control.

Finally, there’ll be a couple of new vehicles in the four seater EBLC-RAM and the buggy-like Polaris RZR with the latter coming in a mid-season update.


There’ll also be a new Battle Pass – but details of that are being kept for a little closer to the season’s release.

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About FOUNDER Wingslayer1982

Greetings! Welcome to my profile.   Im the dude that runs Legion ~ Para Bellum  I started this awsome clan with johanwall and freakpup,  but when freakpup left its was up to me and johanwall to raise us from the depth of hell. We started slowly get more and more members. Now we Are 20+ and growing. Im 40 years old ( right i cant Even belive it my self) Born in denmark, Bornholm but when I was 7 we moved to sweden. Lived there in 30 years moved back to Bornholm.  If you need help. Contact me and I try to help u. Best regards WingSlayer1982    I hand picked my admins  Now they Are Vice clanleader  In order  Johanwall  Nillapurple  ElloDK  Battlefieldpro94  Kevin_Gardtman

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