Tonights angy kid

Tonights angy kid

Hello everyone!

Had a Random Gaming session tonight.

Meet a Gamer and he was pissed. He started writing angry and not to many lines.

I have my ideas. 1, could not handle that I just bombed him back the stoneage.

2. He was jealoux that he didt do a flawless round.


Here you can see his post included mine.


Best regards Cl WingSlayer1982 Scoreboard


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Greetings! Welcome to my profile.   Im the dude that runs Legion ~ Para Bellum  I started this awsome clan with johanwall and freakpup,  but when freakpup left its was up to me and johanwall to raise us from the depth of hell. We started slowly get more and more members. Now we Are 20+ and growing. Im 40 years old ( right i cant Even belive it my self) Born in denmark, Bornholm but when I was 7 we moved to sweden. Lived there in 30 years moved back to Bornholm.  If you need help. Contact me and I try to help u. Best regards WingSlayer1982    I hand picked my admins  Now they Are Vice clanleader  In order  Johanwall  Nillapurple  ElloDK  Battlefieldpro94  Kevin_Gardtman

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