About Legion ~ Para Bellum

This is how we built our great clan known as Legion. Before Legion was born the clan was known as The Lost Squad formed by three forefathers known as Benjamin, Wall and freakpup. Their main goal was to build this clan for players to enjoy the game and work together as a team and develop tactics to help promote teamwork and in-between have a few laughs and mess around for the fun. The Lost Squad started as a small clan and slowly as time went by the clan grew with more members from all over Europe. But sadly one of the forefathers freakpup had to stop playing for personal reasons so what was once three founders went to two founders. So it was now down to Benjamin and Wall to keep the clan running and keep new blood coming in to the clan. As time went by once again the clan started getting more and more members new Co-founders and admins were formed from dedicated members that entered into the clan and so the clan leader Benjamin decided to change the name of the clan and so Legion was born like a new born phoenix rising from the ashes of The Lost Squad to this day the clan keeps growing and keeps developing new tactics for teamwork, dedication and most important in any video game having fun and they even added a moto known as PARA BELLUM which in Latin means If you want peace then prepare for war. We hope you enjoyed our history of how a small clan become a brotherhood of skilled members made from everyday people from all across Europe and beyond. 

A new dawn is now approaching for  clan Legion not only has this badass and awesome clan started to evolve into a clan hub for gamers of all skill types and play styles. Clan Legion is not only a Battlefield only clan anymore. Legion is now turning into a multi franchise clan with Call of duty now becoming part of this clans history. Legion has become a clan like no other where members are always treated like family and everyone is treated equally where no one is better than anyone and always play fair. With now 6 Vice clan leaders to help the clan leader in everything the clan is now on its way to become a united clan of band of brothers of and sisters where new tactics and teamwork gets promoted daily.