Legion’s rules

Legion is a clan, when you join us, you’ll never have to play alone.
We treat each other with rescpet and help each other in the game.
We will help each other with the weekly missions, or take down that anoying helicopter by changing our loadout to that specific situation.
We are a clan, but we are also a large family of gamers, therefore we have some rules that we all must follow, so the clan can be a safe and fun place for everyone.

The Rules

  1. All members must welcome new members.
  2. You must log on homepage a minimum of 2 times per week.
  3. You must taken part in the events and/or training at least 2 times a month
  4. You must be 18 years old and live i the EU (other contries can be accepted if invited by an admin)
  5. You must complete your profile (with an avatar) and make short presention of your self on the homepage
  6. You must speak English, we are from different contries so we coomunicate primarily in English
  7. You must not cheat or play in a toxic manner when gaming.
  8. You must not ignore (or block) any admins, vice clan leaders or the clanleader
  9. You must not add players to the PSN parties without permission from admins
  10. You must notify us if you will (or will not) participate in events or training
  11. We do not discus poilitics or relgion
  12. We do not tolerate rasicm
  13. We do not tolerate jokes about children
  14. We do not spawn rape or base rape
  15. We do not teabag players, especially not members of Legion, except campers, spawn and base rapers (you can drag your balls all over their faces)
  16. We ask that you add the PSN parties as sticked.

We hate to write rules, but based on experience it is a good idea to have a set of rules and guidelines that everyone follows.
If your in doubt about the rules, ask an admin og vice clan leader.
If you break the rules you will get a warning, although some rules will get you kicked.
Basically just be a good guy or girl, and be respectfull to your fellow clan members.
Adhere to rules and the instructions of the (vice) clan leaders and have fun on the Battlefield

Here is a list of Legion’s PSN parties:

  • Legion – Para Bellum
    – All Legions Members Are Here
  • Legion´s Visiting Gamers
    – When Legion are hosting an event, we will invite to this channel
  • Legion´s Montage Recording With Ingame Voice
    – All recordings here are with ingame vocie

Here is a list of Legion’s Messenger Groups

  • Legion – Para Bellum
    -Everything about Battlefield and if someone wants to play
  • Legion Goes Mental
    – Here everything goes (as long as you follow the rules)